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The Ryan Report: May 2023

Working remotely and as a hybrid worker has brought new challenges for leaders especially about building trust and autonomy and making sure everyone’s aligned towards the same goals and delivering quality work without micromanaging or losing touch. Check out this video where I share tips around building trust, fostering collaborative teams, and developing a culture of curiosity.  

Also in this issue is a look at behavior. As we work and live remotely leaders need to address how we treat each other to maintain productivity and a positive team culture. I’m sharing a free calculator to get past the clicks & test scores that many L&D team use, the metrics that matter are business-centric ones. Finally, we’ve always had quiet quitters, the focus is on engaging people’s minds and hearts so start with clarifying the value proposition to them and getting them to help form the shared purpose. 

What’s new in your space as we slide into summer? Let’s zoom-coffee so we can keep smiling, and learning, together (schedule time with the link in the blue oval on the right on the “home” page!).


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