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High touch means more.

There is a common theme between the “Quiet Quitting” and onboarding. Microsoft’s CEO shared that they learned that “one factor matters above all. It’s not technology or systems or culture. It’s a very-hands on manager. Care matters more than computers.” With remote and hybrid workers becoming our new normal, the lessons we continue to learn … Continue reading


The Ryan Report: September 2022

Days are getting shorter and cooler too yet this issue of The Ryan Report (with news to use & ideas to share) brings a hot new video that looks at how becoming a skills-based organization benefits the individual and the team by focusing on the skills and capabilities people bring to the work more than the idea that work … Continue reading

Growth is Skills-based

There’s a new term you may have heard about, it’s the “skills-based organization,” or SBO for short, that centers on the skills and business behaviors people need on the job and it’s moving into the center of talent development. These skills are the combined professional and personal capabilities and what a person demonstrates as they … Continue reading

The Ryan Report: August 2022

Happy July and welcome the hot days of summer! In this issue of The Ryan Report (with news to use & ideas to share) brings a new video that highlights how the curiosity of trying to connect the different components in an organization becomes a process of constantly finding new information encouraging growth and learning, supports the … Continue reading

The Ryan Report – July 2022

Happy July and welcome the hot days of summer! In this issue of The Ryan Report (with news to use & ideas to share) I note that there needs to be a 5th “i” in the 4i model, and in this video, I highlight the need to use imagination.  In this issue I found some studies to … Continue reading

More than facts, we need imagination!

https://www.williamjryan.com/   I was working on a project when a senior lead asked me if I had included all 4 “I’s”. The model described was that with the directions (instruction) and the content in context (information) and using an active assessment strategy (interaction) the result would be an improved work performance (innovation), the “I4”!  A recent … Continue reading

Lead your way to the Great Retention!

With the Great Re(fill in your term!) going on what options are you using to fill your open positions? Have you looked internally? Do you know who has the required skills and is ready to make the move?  Odds are you don’t as I discovered on a project to create a common competency skills framework … Continue reading

The Ryan Report – April 2022

We are certainly seeing April showers where I am and this month’s Ryan Report, I bring ideas that may bloom for you! In this video, the 4th of 4 I might add, I share how using a competency framework provides exposure to additional roles that can be career opportunities for employees and a quicker way for organizations to … Continue reading

The Ryan Report: March 2022

Welcome to this month’s Ryan Report filled with news to use and ideas to share.  This month I share the 3rd of 4 videos looking at Competencies and Careerpathing, and I outline the 4 basic building blocks your career path design efforts will result in and how you can then expand and add additional blocks of competencies … Continue reading

Space can be more than a place

When you hear the word “office” what pops in your mind? Big building filled with floors of cubicles? Is this the place where you store stuff, a place to put your jacket? Someplace that takes a while to get to.  What if we took this opportunity to redefine what the “office” could be rather than … Continue reading

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