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Microlearning – it’s learning in the flow of work!

More than chunking content or repurposing videos, microlearning is about supporting people and improving performance. It is about solvinstill imageg problems that get in the way of employee success and Ray Jimenez, Chief Learning Architect and Founder of VignettesLearning.com, said “microlearning is about work results and we need to stop thinking of learning but focus on how to help workers fix, solve and improve work issues”.  I look at microlearning as a way to support people at the time and place of need now.

Microlearning is a technique to meet the needs of the working learner who will search and find solutions by themselves because of their immediate need without turning to formal training content and classes.  With the ease of use and pervasiveness of mobile tools the time is right to extend learning into the flow of work at the time and place of need.

Learning in the workflow brings content from training, learning lessons, and expert support to enable the individual to identify a solution, apply it, and assess opportunities to coach and learn faster in the context in a fast, effective manner.

To maximize the impact microlearning can have watch this short video that highlights 6 steps that will help in the design of learning solutions in the workflow.   If you would like to learn more about ways microlearning can help your team and ways to use learning as a strategic business tool let’s talk!  Use the contact button above or visit my web site at Ryan Consulting!


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Welcome and good morning, or afternoon or evening! No matter the time it is a very special part of the day to take time to read, reflect, and reach for new ideas - and over a warm cup of coffee it only gets better! I am a performance strategist focused on delivering solutions that support every persons desire to succeed at the time of need no matter the place, the time, or the tool. I welcome your thoughts and look forward to discussions that will move and engage us - maybe over a cup of coffee!

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