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The Ryan Report – May 2022

Summer is close by as I share the May issue of The Ryan Report with news to use & ideas to share. Check out a short video where i highlight the real strategic business tool is developing a robust internal talent pipeline, learning is a key component to achieve this (and how you can create the magic!). Does your talent pipeline require a degree to enter, or might that be a barrier to your growth? While we’re thinking that out take some time to explore your process to make sure you align your corporate decisions with the messages being sent to internal adn external stakeholders, how we act has value in new ways. Finally, I look at ways to you can use career pathways to up and reskill your team. The time is “kNOW” to develop your next level workforce!

If you would like to talk more about using learning as a strategic business tool to impact your team let’s Zoom or even use the phone to talk because together, we are stronger and we don’t need being remote or at a distance to keep us from connecting and engaging – let’s learn and work together!  I’ll bring some coffee….

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Welcome and good morning, or afternoon or evening! No matter the time it is a very special part of the day to take time to read, reflect, and reach for new ideas - and over a warm cup of coffee it only gets better! I am a performance strategist focused on delivering solutions that support every persons desire to succeed at the time of need no matter the place, the time, or the tool. I welcome your thoughts and look forward to discussions that will move and engage us - maybe over a cup of coffee!

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