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How do you know I’m a leader if you can’t see me leading?

If you can’t see me leading then how will you know I’m a leader? That’s seems to be a concern as many are pushing for a return to the office and others are asking, why? Is success measured by how many people are on your team? I think it’s time to talk more about what … Continue reading

Space can be more than a place

When you hear the word “office” what pops in your mind? Big building filled with floors of cubicles? Is this the place where you store stuff, a place to put your jacket? Someplace that takes a while to get to.  What if we took this opportunity to redefine what the “office” could be rather than … Continue reading

Going to be different going forward

What was it like the first time you went out “socially”? It was a little unsettling for me, and it will be strange to wait for an elevator, go to the break room for coffee, and be with people who aren’t family. This is going to be different for each of us. We need to … Continue reading

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