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The Ryan Report: May 2023

Working remotely and as a hybrid worker has brought new challenges for leaders especially about building trust and autonomy and making sure everyone’s aligned towards the same goals and delivering quality work without micromanaging or losing touch. Check out this video where I share tips around building trust, fostering collaborative teams, and developing a culture of curiosity.   Also … Continue reading

The Ryan Report: August 2021

Welcome to this month’s Ryan Report filled with news to use and ideas to share.  I would love to hear your feedback and new topics you are interested in learning more about and I’m always open to a conversation. This month I share ideas (and a free calculator) to focus on the ROL, Return on Learning and … Continue reading

It’s not the ROI, ROL matters more!

I had a conversation recently with a learning leader at an organization who was being pushed to show their ROI – return on investment.  Granted in the last couple of years they have brought a new LMS online and added designers to the team so management wanted to know if the expenses were paying off.   … Continue reading