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The Ryan Report: April 2023

If you can’t see me leading, then how will you know I’m a leader? That’s seems to be a concern as many are pushing for a return to the office and others are asking, why? In this video I examine how leadership should be intentional with curiosity driving open conversations. Plan the time and focus on the people, not the place, and measure success by the performance goals being met, on the development and promotion of our teammates, and the ability to attract and retain talent. 

It’s all about our people and shared in this month’s report is a continuing trend highlighting the impact leadership and culture continue to have regardless of location. Bringing people together increases the impact shared purpose has so expanding the group to develop strategic planning is a good idea and one final share centers on the need to lead with compassion and dignity as our staffing models flex, a teammate might not be in-person, but their feelings still need to be respected and valued.

What’s new in your space? Click the link below and let’s zoom-coffee so we can keep smiling, and learning, together!


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