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Distance is relative – blend your learning!

I’m working with a client as they move from a face-2-face modality to an online delivery model being blended learning stilldriven by the need to deliver a consistent leadership program to a new group of leaders separated by time zones and countries. A key point of contention is how to deliver the content with some pushing for asynchronous online and others frustrated and missing the synchronous personal touch, the interaction between instructor and students and the conversations that have a high value.  Between synchronous and asynchronous there is another option – blend the delivery and blend the design. Plan carefully and start with asynchronous pre-work, engage synchronously and then blend the application, content, and assessments to connect people, context, and application to their job.

A key advantage to blended learning is the mix, or blend, of varied delivery channels to deliver instruction ranging from media tools such as YouTube to online learning platforms such as LMS’s, and synchronous systems such as web conferencing tools bringing instructor’s, Subject matter experts, and peers together.  Blended learning can keep the high touch with the high tech!

There are other advantages too and if you would like to learn how to design and implement a blended learning course or program check out this short video, Distance is relative Blend your Learning!  If you would like to learn more about using learning as a strategic business tool send me an email or call and let’s talk!  Use the contact button above or visit my web site at Ryan Consulting!


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