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Hybrid is the new classroom

Technology is catching up to the techniques we espouse focusing on personalized learning that engages the person, encourages active practice on the job, and the support of the supervisor.  I am in the midst of identifying a model for leaders separated by time and distance from their peers.  This model utilizes the strengths of synchronous web conferencing, asynchronous online learning, face-to-face classroom, and the application of skills on the job working with the leader learning with the leader leading.

One challenge is the conversation of time.  Many leadership programs are 2 or 3 day meetings however I am proposing a 12 month continuous learning experience.  It will take more time and that means an investment (and a commitment) so the key is to determine the return a business needs to support this kind of investment.  Here is a unique opportunity to engage current members of the leadership in determining what success looks like in the business, this is the chance get out of training and get into the business.  I think we need to invest in ourselves the time to involve these business leaders focused on their business need while we, subtly, integrate their active participation in the learning process.  This opens an opportunity to create the culture of coaching developing leader and learner, leader as facilitator, leader as coach.  They are the new leader’s first line of support and your investment in their skills will ultimately lead to the success of the new leader and obtain the business results everyone wants.

The results will be reflected initially in the assessment’s put in place, a key component maximize and use the various delivery tools strengths to engage, assess, and allow interaction between content and learner with this hybrid model.  With a solid base of knowledge, measured and tested, this model will maximize the face-to-face time by developing a learning experience that will not be simply lectures.  The time can focus on interactions the group can face allowing for the creation of new knowledge and practices developed together; identify how teams make decisions and the impact these decisions have on other team; and create an informal cohort of support fostering opportunities to increase communication, improve teamwork, and increase the level of engagement.  This hybrid model is really just a model of how we work and reflects what I consider the ways we can create connections to content by increasing connections to our colleagues and the community we work and serve in.


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