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Learning is your 2021 Strategic Business tool!

Is your internal talent pipeline filled? Are your ready for the next initiative with a skilled and ready workforce? You might not need a full time Chief Learning Officer yet there is a benefit to having an advisor who focuses on the strategic development of your workforce and monitors the daily learning and talent performance activities in your organization.

Consider using a Fractional Learning Strategist on the time and budget schedule you define to help develop, engage, and retain your workforce using learning strategically . From compliance to career paths I can help drive the organization’s strategy and align people to purpose and focus talent development to drive the business goals of the organization.

If you would like to learn more about the Fractional Learning Strategist option, read more here and please contact me at 502.797.2479 or bill@williamjryan.com


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Developing high performing people through strategic learning and performance solutions. Please visit www.williamjryan.com


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