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High Impact Expert: From SME to Solution!

Sometimes training isn’t the answer, sometimes the skilled workers – the Subject Matter locked hotel safeExperts, are the true problem solvers and the ones who can identify and implement the solution. The challenge is getting the experts to collaborate at the point of #kNOW, and this is where I, and your learning team, can help facilitate the conversation by bringing the experts together to learn fast through a work situation.

I went on a ski trip out west for a week with my bride and stayed at a very nice condo. We had valuables we didn’t want to bring with us every day like our computers and the ski passes for different mountains we were going to ski and used the room safe. At the end of the day when we returned and tapped in the code nothing happened. The safe wouldn’t open.

Check out this video, High Impact Expert From SME to Solution!, to hear the rest of the story to see how the expert’s together solved the problem, they learned fast through a work situation. A key part is creating a different level of situational awareness and facilitating the conversation for people to think through problems, this method of Workflow Learning. I’ve discovered a process that help capture conversations, describe situations, and create a community of experts who can learn from each other to create solutions by doing and thinking out loud, this Situational Expert platform and Workflow Learning workshop is worth checking.

If you would like to learn how to implement and use the situational analysis process with your high impact experts and using learning as a strategic business tool send me an email or call and let’s talk!  Use the contact button above or visit my web site at Ryan Consulting!


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