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A(nother) Conversation on Competency-based Assessment design

Last month several interested people met to talk about where they are and plans going forward focused on developing content and designing courses that meet the requirements a competency-based model has.  So let’s get together and talk some more!

  Do you design with the end in mind supporting an assessment authentic_assessmentstrategy that provides learners the chance to demonstrate their skills? Join me as I host a free Competency-based Assessment Design (or C-bAD) conversation on Tuesday, January 17th  at 1PM EST.  Competency-based design focuses on the demonstration of knowledge and skills by engaging in learning exercises, activities and experiences.  Beyond multiple choice there is a need to develop a more robust, an authentic, assessment strategy that targets different techniques to measure the skills related to long-term educational outcomes and lead to success in the workplace. Join the conversation as we examine different techniques that can be used in the competency-based design model.

The format of the C-bAD conversation is:

  1. An overview of the key themes
  2. Discussion of options and questions provided by participants
  3. Open discussion and sharing of examples/practices

This conversation is limited to thirty participants to ensure time for deeper discussion and allow for sharing of questions and examples.  We will use the https://zoom.us/ platform, which does not require any special plugins or additional software so you can access the session from any connected device.

If you are interested in discussing how different techniques and methods that can be used to authentically test for knowledge acquisition, then please join us. Register for this free session at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/98ca53abef2d77294ac87b605f06faf5



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