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Always Consider Retention: Maximizing Success in Competency-Based Education

Roughly 600 colleges are in the design phase for a new competency-based education (CBE) Pretty businesswomanprogram, are actively creating one or already have a program in place. That’s up from an estimated 52 institutions last year according to a recent post by Paul Fain.

One primary reason for this growth is the need to expand the talent pool needed by local businesses especially in key higher-order thinking skills such as problem solving and working with others. CBE-designed programs focus on the student demonstrating their proficiency in the content area highlighting competencies that the Committee on Economic Development noted as essential in future workers including critical thinking and teamwork.

While content design and assessments strategies are important, a key component taken for granted is student success.  Developing the talents of an individual is what Jamie Merisotis, …

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