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Enabled, Engaged, Empowered!

I had the pleasure of going to parent-teacher conferences recently and was very interested to observe a recording of one child’s reading prowess played on the teacher’s iPad.   It wasn’t that long ago that school’s banned cell phones and laptops from the classroom however I was pleased to see technology being used to enhance the learning and evaluation process. The instructor noted how easy the iPad was to use with it being small, portable, and familiar to the students.

The reach impacts parents (and leaders of people) as well.  Project Tomorrow released a report last May that identified 64% of teachers surveyed believe that mobile devices could be beneficial for increased communication among parents (leaders), teachers, and students.  From homework to family support access to content will be enhanced by increased communication aided by limitless connectivity. 

The report highlights the “New 3 E’s of Education: Enabled, Engaged, Empowered”.  I see the inclusion of mobile devices in the learning process as a freedom and as we integraste the 3 E’s we will create social communities where people are not tied to a workstation or even a formal classroom to explore content and concepts relevant to their needs anytime, anywhere.  Best of all, we can review, evaluate, guide, support, and cheer from just about any location too!


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