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The Ryan Report: March 2023

Did you know that until 1955, if you wanted a cup of coffee you had to drink it on your own time? Times have changed but then, as we see now, the focus is on someone’s performance. I share a video where I look how times have changed from the breakroom to the kitchen as we live and work in a remote and/or hybrid workspace and reflect on the lessons of the coffee break. Taking a break doesn’t mean performance, or work, suffers. As a federal court ruled, coffee “promotes more efficiency and results in greater output” for the business, the employer should pay workers for boosting their on-the-job performance.”

Shared in this month’s report is a post centered on digital credentials to consider expanding recruiting options, changes I’m seeing in annual goal setting for leaders, and how vision is a tool to create the shared values and purpose teams need. Let’s talk more about how you can use them for your benefit, let’s have a zoom-coffee so we can keep smiling, and learning, together!


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