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The Ryan Report: January 2023

Happy New Year to all! Check out my thoughts in a short video, #Trends2023, whereI share my thoughts about creating a safer and more balanced work environment supporting a more diverse, global workforce that is going to have a human-centric need. Engaging teammates is becoming location agnostic, communication techniques matter more, the use of tools will be centered on making them understandable, easy to use, trustworthy (since many are in the home space) and focused on solving business problems. Chief #Trends2023 is it’s all about the people.

This issue also shares several posts from 2022 that Gallup noted as ideas to guide paths to follow in 2023, a look at a trend in individual development plans that sees a much shorter timeframe, and maybe smaller goals can help you in your career path too.  Please consider making time to talk more about the news you can use and ideas we can share this year. Let’s have a zoom-coffee so we can keep the conversation going, we don’t need being remote or at a distance to keep us from connecting and engaging – let’s learn and work together!  I’ll bring some coffee….


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