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Are you ready for the next remote?

As we begin to return to work the question is what will we do if we have to return to a remote space again. Are you and your organization ready to work in this flexible work model, a new kNOW?  Flexibility is what more than half of the respondents rated #1 in LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index, more important than health coverage or pay. The balance, and quality, of life is a topic we are having, and organizations need to be planful to retain, and attract, employees.  In this video I highlight 3 key areas that can create the seamless employee experience leading to improved productivity.  These highlight the need for leaders who can look beyond the walls and can work, plan, and adjust to a flexible, remote, and virtual workforce.

If you would like to talk more about planning now for the next shift in your organization let’s Zoom or send me an email and keep the conversation going!  I’d enjoy talking with you about how we can partner to strategically develop your team. Use the contact button above or visit my web site at Ryan Consulting!


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