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“i” have been touched!

I am watching 10 yro’s with new iTouches and must admit that this beats being able to thread a 16mm Graflex (another day’s story) especially as I observed a clothing discussion that turned to checking the weather to make the best choice!  I admit, I was a tad resistant until I read of the speech recognition tool being used as a personal reading coach, not only reading to the learner but listening to the learner and providing feedback and assistance.  I was also surprised to see this as a tool for the trainer/educator however that changed as I read the helpful Top 50 Educator Apps (for both iPhone and iTouch) list and then saw the 20 Fantastic free Apps for Parents

Nike uses the iTouch for its Sports Knowledge Underground training program with amazing results, “66% of the sales associates experienced an increase in personal sales” and in the same paper notes how another company is now delivering competency development programs and performance appraisals to a remote and mobile workforce.  I look at the cost and ease of storage, mobility, and functionality as reasons to include this type of tool as a part of our lifestyle.  Have 10 minutes to waiting, let’s play a math game, not sure what that word means, let’s look it up right now.

Judith Brown has a quick read (Can you Hear Me Now?) where a sidebar looks at beginning a conversation by asking when is it appropriate to be mobile.  I think, as I watch clothing choices being explored via You-Tube examples now that we know what the weather is going to be, that we are a location based, context oriented society and any tool that will help me learn, live, and enjoy the time and place I happen to be at then it is all good.  Now, I wonder if they will teach me how to use all those apps…..


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